What is PR and other questions

(some of which you might be afraid to ask)

What is Public Relations?

There are may PRs that get stuck on trying to answer this question! 

In a nutshell, it is the art of persuasion. As PRs we convince those within and outside our area of influence that a company is worth listening to, buying from and/or working with. 

How Do You Persuade An Audience?

We use a combination of methods through trusted sources. We delve deep into a client and find their positive messages.

We turn these messages into a back story which enlightens and attracts the target audience. By doing this, we lay a firm, long term foundation on which a mutually beneficial relationship between client and customer is built.

Why Can't I Just Advertise To My Customers?

Of course you can advertise, if you want to market AT your audience. However, the public are naturally wary of marketing.

Through PR, the message is already trusted through the publication it's being showcased by, meaning a PR campaign is often highly effective bringing the results you desire without the cost.  

Aren't PR Agencies expensive?

Yes, they can be, but not at Michelle Hatcher Media. 

We believe that PR should be in every business and not just in reserve for the luxury brands. We like to make sure that ANY business, no matter how big or small can benefit from a top London based PR Agency.

That's why we offer options to suit your budget. From one off fixed rates to retainers, we simply put service first. 

Am I ready for PR?

If you are serious about your business then yes, you are ready, although you might not be PR ready for the press.

At Michelle Hatcher Media, we will give you an appraisal of your site and tell you exactly what will make the press sit up and pay attention to you. 

But surely PR is only for big brands?

No, not at all. In fact, since Covid-19, the press and consumers are hungry for the smaller, more trusted brands to step forth.  Gone are the days of big brand domination. This is the age of the niche, and we're here to make sure you jump on board!

I've heard that because everyone is on social media, I don't need PR, is that true?

Just because the world is on social media, doesn't mean to say they are paying attention. We use social media for contacting our friends, watching cat videos and chatting. We don't use it for buying. PR will take you right to where your customers are waiting, credit card in hand, ready to buy. That's why PR is vital for press coverage at the right time.

Can't I just pay for ads and coverage instead?

Of course you could but that would be money spent needlessly when PR is free. Ads won't mean you automatically get customers either. It just means your cost per acquisition will be expensive.

With the right journalist writing about your product at the right time, your traffic and brand awareness will increase 1000 fold, and it won't cost you a penny. 


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