What Is Newsjacking And How To Use It To Create A Buzz

Its one of the biggest PR secrets going, or at least it was until recently. PRs both in and out of house would scour the headlines carefully watching the topics and then devising ways to jump on board the thriving trend.

Why do we do it? To get the press to pay attention, and they do. In massive quantities....

These days of course it's a lot easier. Now PRs can dip into a Google Alerts, check out News Now or Journo Link or just generally swipe away through Twitter to see who's talking about what. Newsjacking has become the norm. Now, it's part of the steady daily diet of any marketer. You don't even have to be a PR.

So what does it mean?

The art of newsjacking isn't simply adding a link to a trending topic in your blog post in the hope that it gains some traction, there is a specific step to it that can either make or break your content.

The key is timing.

A genius man by the name of David Meerman Scott wrote a book call