The Art Of Success On Twitter (For PR Prowess) Part 1

What do you do when you’re keen to get out a pitch to a Journalist but you’ve got now idea of how to pint hem down?

So, you’ve got a great pitch. It’s hand crafted, beautifully put together. In fact, you’ve spent days on it. Well, several hours at least. You have even found yourself reciting sentences from it in the shower. Now for launch time. You know who you want to pitch it to. But how?

Journalists can be like the Yeti. I know, I used to be one and boy, was I difficult to get hold of! I would often spend much of my time groaning at the weight of my inbox (and this was in the days before smart inboxes!) I phone would be on silent. Something had to give.

These days, we don’t use carrier pigeon so much and as much as the internet has made the journalist life easier, it hasn’t come without its disadvantages. There are too many avenues in which people can get hold of them, often meaning that most pitches get overlooked.

The art of standing out

There are many ways to get noti