Indigenous Music Countdown Stars Canada's Jarrid Lee and his New Single

Canadian Country Music star, Jarrid Lee’s new single Let’s Get Gone has been selected and entered in the Indigenous Music Countdown which is aired all over North America.

The tracks are selected through a voting system through the site, the radio station, and social media. Fans can cast their votes for tracks to be listed in the top 10 through registering their vote. Financial help is also available to support these artists from indigenous backgrounds and in turn to help raise awareness of Aboriginal music and its creators.

The Indigenous Music Countdown is produced weekly by NCI FM in Winnipeg, MB.

The songs are selected by a review on the overall quality of the recording (Does the song meet professional sound standards? Has the final mix and or mastering process strengthened the song?)

The vocal ability is also considered as well as the lyrics and overall music arrangement and of course, the cultural content (i.e. Aboriginal languages and themes, traditional instrumentation etc.)

Find out how to vote for Jarrid and more country and rock music at:

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