Great Ways To Build Press Relationships That Work On Twitter

You've got news. You desperate to shout about it. You know you need to pin down a journalist but you've got no idea how. I mean, you can't just randomly stalk one, can you?

You’ve got a great pitch, you know you have (you've even got a pretty nifty PR dude to help you write it.) It’s hand crafted, beautifully put together. In fact, you’ve spent days on it. Well, several hours at least. You have even found yourself reciting sentences from it in the shower. Now for launch time. You know who you want to pitch it to. But how?

These days, we don’t use carrier pigeon so much and as much as the internet has made the journalist life easier, it hasn’t come without its disadvantages. There are too many avenues in which people can get hold of them, often meaning that most pitches get overlooked.

Twitter is where the press hang out. It's where news can break and travel faster than anywhere else on the web.

We create lists of specific niche writers and reporters and influencers in a wide range of industries which match our clients and we make it our priority to build good long term relationships with them.