How To Craft The Perfect Pitch

There are a million reasons why any blogger and wannabe influencer would want to be on a top brand’s PR list. I mean, what would be better than being first of all, recognised for your own brand efforts, a perfect blog presence and a loyal and simply adoring following? Not to mention all those lovely freebies through the post for you to review and post about! You’re in with the ‘in’ crowd, for a blogger, it’s the ultimate top of the game, you’re arrived, you’re on the guest list, you’ve hit the big time. You’re noted as a professional, one of the team, on the elite list, in the gang. Yep, there’s nothing like being on a PR list.

Often the toughest hurdle to get on a top brand PR list is the dreaded proposal email. What do you say when most of the time, only a dodgy word or two can have your pitch moved to the spam folder.

In this post, I am going to share with you my favourite PR list template for you to use, that will win over most top brand PR Managers any time (or at worst, will get you considered for more than 5 seconds)

Hello there (preferably add in your PR Manager’s name)

Thank you so much for you time today,

I shall introduce myself briefly, my name is (name) and I’m a (state your niche) blogger with a passion for (product/topic). I have built up my following on (social media platform) of (number of followers) for (number of) years now.

I would be delighted to be considered in supporting and joining your brand. I believe my loyal followers will be excited to kept up to date with all the latest news from (name the brand)

I aim to provide my followers with (tell them what you intend to do in terms of unboxing/showcasing/reviewing/posts/images etc)

I have attached a couple of links for you to view my current posts for your brand (it will score you brownie points if you show posts you have already published about their products through your initiative. They will be impressed that you’ve already tried and tested them for your following and published content. Remember to clearly show stats for these posts.)

I look forward to working with you and promoting your brand further to my growing audience.

(Add in your social links)

Best wishes


(Blog link)



· Don’t DM other unboxers – they don’t like it and they won’t give you a easy back door when they have worked hard to get on the list themselves.

· Don’t start an email saying ‘let’s collab!’ It’s cheesy and it doesn’t work. I often ditch messages immediately if I see this. Especially if its in the subject line of an email

· Don’t DM a brand – they haven’t got time to be approached like that and it looks as though you are randomly hitting on any brand. Respect the time of the PR Manager and email them politely. It may look old fashioned but it still works. People want to be flattered. So do it.

· Don’t use sloppy slang or ‘hip’ language. Talk properly in your email and sign off correctly. It’s not a text message.

· DO always introduce yourself. Remember – the recipient doesn’t know you from Adam.

· Don’t simply ask out right for free stuff. You need to earn it. Free stuff will cost any brand money to send and they have to account for it in their audits. They are running a business for profit so they won’t want to simply hand stuff out. Even the top brands have to count the costs at the end of each year.

· Do take the time to tell the brand in your first approach exactly what you will do in return for your freebies and especially where you are going to post – will it be on FB or IG or Pinterest or all so always be clear that about that? Show links to previous work and give them a ‘layout’ as to how you will photograph/film the unboxing etc. At Party Pieces, if would send out parties in a box to our top PR list and give them a theme party to ‘put on’ and review for us.

· Don’t be surprised if there are a lot of hoops you need to jump through to get on the list. Top brands will have a criteria, so don’t huff ant any of it. It’s there to sort the men form the boys, as it were.

· Don’t be surprised that in return for free stuff, they then insist how they would like you to showcase it. Yep, you don’t always free rein, freebies can come with their own mapped out plan for reviewing so don’t be aghast when you have to follow a specific lay out.

· Do get on more than one PR list, don’t just sit happily on one as just because you are accepted on one list, doesn’t mean to say you are always going to get freebies from that one brand. At Party Pieces, we had a bloggers who didn’t always fit our campaigns. For example, a mum blogger with young children wouldn’t get sent a party in a box fit for a 80th birthday party.

· Do consider joining an influencer platform like which is a site designed for both brands and influencers to connect and collaborate. You may find it easier to get in touch with brands you want to work with, but don’t forget, not all brands are on there, so ensure you are going the traditional, direct routes too to cast your net wide.

· Do remember you’re in this for the long haul – being a successful blogger or influencer isn’t sudden and you won’t become an overnight sensation just like that. If you don’t get freebies one time, don’t pull a sulk and have a go at the PR Manager, you will find yourself taken off the list and added to the one where the subject heading is ‘bloggers to avoid.’ And yes, there is always one of these lists!

· Do get your timing right – the best time to approach a brand is when they have just had a press release published so make sure you get a Google alert set up so you can be ahead of the competition.

· Do make a point of building a relationship with the brand. The best influencers I have ever worked with have bene the ones who keep in touch, send Christmas cards and generally go that extra mile. They are the ones who are always at the top of my list to work with. These are the ones that I approach first before they approach me.

· Do tag in products even if you have used them or mentioned them in another post either on IG or as links on your blog post – and then drop a quick email with the link to your post to the PR Manager so they can add it to their spreadsheet. Little things like that go a long long way.

· Do make your blog and your brand your primary focus, not getting on the PR list. A top brand will have their own dedicated staff member whose job it is to scour the social media channels for ‘talent.’ If you’re good, you will be found.

· Do create regular and unique content and work on your own style and branding and make sure it is always keeping in brand with the brands you want to work with.

· Do work on what you love and be genuine about your products and keep an air of transparency. Don’t make just getting free stuff your primary focus.

· Do be patient. It will pay off in the end.

· Do tag in each product when you do get your package and add in mentions to your posts.

· Do keep to your plan of how you are going to unbox and review the product as outlined in your initial pitch.

· Do let your followed know you have been gifted the products from the brand. Always be honest as to how you got the package.

· Do talk about delivery, postage and packaging. All very important. Not just the product itself.

· Do keep to your time frame and don’t sit on your package for several days. Get on with sticking to your plan and unboxing strategy.

· Do have fun! Its what its all about!

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