How To Build A Legacy For AIDS

TODAY IS LAUNCH DAY! This day marks the start of something that's not just going to be yet another monument, but a legacy.

AIDS rocked us sideways 40 years ago. We had no information, no internet, no communication. Only silence and shame.

40 years on, we commemorate and remember all those who we lost to this terrible pandemic which almost wiped a generation. We lost family and friends, colleagues and partners. So, at #Projectlighthouse and with the dedication of Steve Keeble and Ben Lord, the filmmakers behind #After82, we are going to give something back.

We're going to build, along with a fountain in the garden of remembrance at the Museum of Brands (the London Lighthouse) to remember the dozens of AIDS victims whose ashes are scattered there, an education centre to help educate the millions of visitors to the site, AND from the money we have raised from a start studded concert, we will distribute equally to all the AIDS and HIV support groups and projects around the UK who tirelessly look after those in need in their communities throughout Covid, now and forever. We thank you.

The donation page is in the link below. Let's make this HAPPEN! #aidsawareness#UKAIDSMemorial#AIDSMemorial#Londonlighthouse#Projectlighthouse

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