How To Approach A Brand PR Manager To Join A PR List

Want to approach a brand to get on their PR list but not sure how to? Do you want to be recognised as an influencer by a brand but don't know how? In this post, I will share you with you my favourite template that has the highest chance of winning over any PR Manager.

There are a million reasons why any blogger and wannabe influencer would want to be on a top brand’s PR list. I mean, what would be better than being first of all, recognised for your own brand efforts, a perfect blog presence and a loyal and simply adoring following? Not to mention all those lovely freebies through the post for you to review and post about! You’re in with the ‘in’ crowd, for a blogger, it’s the ultimate top of the game, you’re arrived, you’re on the guest list, you’ve hit the big time. You’re noted as a professional, one of the team, on the elite list, in the gang. Yep, there’s nothing like being on a PR list.

Often the toughest hurdle to get on a top brand PR list is the dreaded proposal email. What do you say when most of the time, only a dodgy word or two can have your pitch moved to the spam folder. In this post, I am going to share with you my favourite PR list template for you to use, that will win over most top brand PR Managers any time (or at worst, will get you considered for more than 5 seconds...)

Hello there (preferably add in your PR Manager’s name)

Thank you so much for you time today,

I shall introduce myself briefly, my name is (name) and I’m a (state your niche) blogger with a passion for (product/topic). I have built up my following on (social media platform) of (number of followers) for (number of) years now.

I would be delighted to be considered in supporting and joining your brand. I believe my loyal followers will be excited to kept up to date with all the latest news from (name the brand)

I aim to provide my followers with (tell them what you intend to do in terms of unboxing/showcasing/reviewing/posts/images etc) I have attached a couple of links for you to view my current posts for your brand (it will score you brownie points if you show posts you have already published about their products through your initiative. They will be impressed that you’ve already tried and tested them for your following and published content. Remember to clearly show stats for these posts.)

I look forward to working with you and promoting your brand further to my growing audience.

(Add in your social links)

Best wishes


(Blog link)


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