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A little story for you this Friday but be warned, it will break your heart:

Faithful pup sits for days outside a hospital in Turkey waiting for his owner to be discharged after following the ambulance. Every time the daughter attempts to take the dog home, our furry friend runs back to the hospital to wait for her owner. #hospital#dogs#nationaldogday#theguardian#newsoftheweek#newsonline

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So here is a little sneak peak for the collaboration from some of the charity members of ONLE Networking. They have banded together to share a brilliant creative challenge and to inspire you to pick up a paint brush. You can use crayons, pens, pencils, charcoal, acrylic, decoupage, pastels, pen & ink, could be graphic design, digital, graffiti and even photography.

What are you waiting for? The Challenge starts officially on the 1st February 2021`with all entries to your chosen charity must be submitted by the 7th March 2021. It is FREE to sign up and we will be auctioning during March 2021.

Contact Dawn Wood or Lesley Brooks for Minstead Trust

Jill McDonagh for Prior's Court Foundation

Yvonne Campbell at the Rainbow Centre

Vie Portland (she/her) CiC for Vieness

Lin Sharp MInstF(Cert) at Macmillan Caring Locally


Its A Sin: Channel Four tonight at 9pm

Channel 4 presents Russell T Davies's long and highly anticipated drama tracking the ordinary teen lives of it's cast through the backdrop of the AIDS crisis at it's start during the early 1980s.

Unlike the Covid pandemic of today, the younger of us won't know how it was to live through a global crisis without social media, the internet and instant news, facts and opinions. As Davies rightly pointed in his interview on #bbcbreakfast today, there was silence and with that, came fear, isolation and shame.

It will be compulsive viewing for those who remember it and I encourage our younger generations to watch not only for delightful 80s style, culture and music, but how the world once was before the web.

Showing starts on Friday 22nd Jan Channel 4, 9pm

#ItsASin#RussellTDavies # #societyandculture#newTV#televisionproduction#80smusic#channel4

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