Canadian Star Jarrid Lee Gets Airplay On UK Country Music Radio

We're delighted to announce that Jarrid Lee is getting some UK airplay this week with UK Country Radio. June 2021

Alan from the top UK Country Music radio station was delighted to accept the six tracks which are being played across this week on at the station.

You can listen live through the link and follow them across all social media platforms.

This comes as Jarrid launched his second official single earlier this month across all digital media platforms.

The track, 'Let's Get Gone' is available now on iTunes and Apple Music to name but two.

Also this month, Jarrid release the long awaited official music video to his recent hit, 'Up On Stage'.

Jarrid has recent appeared in Planet S, and The Star Phoenix after speaking out against the lack of recognition of Indigenous artists in the music industry awards.

More from Jarrid Lee coming soon! Click to listen live

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