Can AI Help You Predict The PR Future Or Will It Take Your Job Away?

It would be the ultimate power, don't you think? If you could predict not only how an audience will greet your press release but how reporters and journalists were going to report on it? It would be like, holding the world in the palm of your hand and owning it. It's the one thing that PR can't do and that's manipulate the message the media sends out. But that may have already changed.

Although this may be the automated project planning pipe dream to most, in some corners of the world, is it very much reality, AI is playing a rather proactive role in shaping the way PR will be in the future. One namely, Forecast has already stated that they have already helped more than 40,000 projects; a milestone that speaks volumes.

In the past, PR has been either something quite dusty and slightly out of touch and yet, in others, it has been the slow runner, not quite catching up with it's younger digital marketing counterpart and left to the big boys in business with influence at the core.

But today, PR is an open playing field. With apps like Forecast and PRophet, the reality of your average Joe of Joe Bloggs of down-the-road-limited, predicting how the news will make you news is something not just revolutionary but world dominating.