Boots And Hearts Festival Canada 2022: The Rise Of Emerging Country Music Stars

It could be said that COVID-19 and lockdowns has had a significant impact on the way we reach out to culture in our lives, so when we get to hear about events such as music festivals reappearing, then it's not wonder we find ourselves hungry for more. Especially when it comes to new country music.

Yet The Boots and Hearts Music Festival won't be back until August 2022 and although that still feels like a long way away, you can catch a taste of it and be in on the action now...

Applications for Emerging Artist Showcase are being reviewed now by a panel of judges as we speak at Boots and Hearts. They will be carefully going through each application and each aspiring new artist will have the chance to win a single release with Warner Music Canada, a performance at Boots & Hearts Festival in 2022, a profe