7 Brutal Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Hiring A PR Manager

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

So, how do you obtain brilliant PR? You start with the right person, and by that I mean BOTH manager and client.

The pairing has to be perfect. Those who sit in their agencies thinking that all you need is a long list of press contacts and a gift of the gab are missing out on a big trick. The relationship between client and manager needs to be water tight. Yet, this plus a whole host of other issues usually fail to get any attention by businesses.

So, in this post, I will walk you through the 7 brutal questions you need to ask yourself before you hire a PR Manager (and it’s a frighteningly vast number of businesses who don’t.)

  1. Do they ‘get’ your business? Understanding your playing field is vital to the success of the relationship between your PR manager and you. They need to have either experience in your trading arena or have the desire to learn it thoroughly.

  2. Are they keen for the right reasons? Enthusiasm is the key here and if your newly acquired PR manager is willing to engage, then they are a better bet than someone who is simply willing to part you from your cash.

  3. Do they genuinely want to get to know you? A good PR manager will want to spend time with you and get to know you and your company. Allow them to do this as it will give them valuable insight into how you think, speak and currently project your company image. It might sound like a turn on the therapist couch, but if you want your PR to be transparent, on song and genuine then your PR manager is going to want to make sure the story you share is truthful and accurate.

  4. Do they love you? Don’t simply go for a PR Manager who kisses the ground you walk on. The papers will only take so much of yet another client wishing for their ego to be massaged.

  5. Are they the right PR Manager for you? This is a toughie as most businesses will hire someone that’s wrong. That doesn’t mean to say that there are bad PR Managers and you have to know how to pick a good one. Some will be a good fit. No everyone you meet will be.

  6. Have they identified opportunities yet? Every day is an opportunity. A good PR manager will not sit around waiting for those opportunities to drop into their lap – they need to see the world differently to everyone else and a good PR manager won’t hang about. They will want to take action and shout your corner as soon as possible.

  7. Are they swtiched on? You might have heard about the brain’s excellent ability to ‘distort, delete and generalise’ everything that comes into contact with its eyes, ears and senses each day? A PR Manager will be subconsciously switched on to picking up everything once of data which in turn, leads to a positive opportunity to create that all important persona for their client. They will have their finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the world and ready to snap up an opportunity as soon as it happens.

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