4 PR Tactics To Bring Happiness To Your Business Right Now (And You Won't Have To Spend A Penny)

Ok, so here we are, at home and there, so far, appears to be no light at the end of the hallway until we can all get back to some sort of normality. For some businesses, that's a daunting thought, especially when so much of our business largely depends on the opposite of social distancing. Not all of us can gravitate towards a digital lifestyle smoothly.

However, when we attempt to find some clarity through the muddy waters of what we SHOULD be doing (and viewing quite clearly what everyone else is doing at the same time) it rather leaves us feeling, well, overwhelmed and yet, somehow, drowning in a sea of digital marketing blog posts.

So, in this post, I shall crack you a deal. I promise not to talk about SMART goals, how we are all supposed to be making plans for 2021 or we're just simply not proper human beings, ok?

No, I want to talk to you about something far more precious than sitting blankly at the computer and trying to imagine what it would be like to be busy.

Time (and no, I don't mean the Lloyd Webber epic of musical musings)

So, how come we spend so much time wasting away the days? I shall tell you why, lack of worthiness.

We just don't think we're worthy of the tasks that we know we should embark on. Now, I am not going to tell you how you should be putting together a project plan, and No, I don't have a download for you of yet another worthless piece of hidden marketing cunningly disguised as a guide to templatize your processes. No. Sorry, not today. You've got enough random items of documentation on your desk and you don't need me to add to the ever growing pile. We all have are own avalanches to cope with.

Nope, I am going to tell you, straight off the bat, what you can do right now to boost your sales (and it won't cost you a penny.) So, here we go:

Take some time to do/plan/consider the following:

  • Get out into the community: (I have a video about this here) do something for your community. Pick up some rubbish, do some shopping for someone or raise some cash for a local school or charity. All you have to do is film yourself running round the block as a giant carrot or a chicken. Do something amusing, if it's funny, people are more likely to like you (it's all about making someone feel something, if you can get your customers to feel good when they think of you, you've cracked it.) And remember, you don't have to wait for a pandemic to do something great in the community. You can do something simply because it's Monday.

  • Make your measuring easy: Google analytics often requires the user to have a degree in data analysis so if you're not entirely savvy when it comes to measuring your own success, go for something easier on the eye like HubSpot. Taking the time to sign up to a basic service (there are plenty of free ones around, you don't have to go paid) where you can just get the essentials on whether a certain social media campaign is working for you or not, is better than doing nothing. You don't even have to become a master, just understand it enough to power your next move in the right direction and be confident. Also, get familiar with your basic KPIs, your key performance indicators such as revenue growth, gross and net profit margins. These will tell you how your business is developing.

  • Filter your social media marketing channel your efforts down to one platform if you find the majority of your audience resides on just one. Again, simple analysis of seeing what's working and what isn't will allow you to see how your campaigns match up. After all, wouldn't it be better to focus all your time and efforts down to one or two platforms where your engagement and ROI is high than waste time and infographics on a channel where your audience doesn't reside?

  • Doing something that excites you! Stop doing everything that is boring and offload as much as you can which is mundane. Leave to another day or better still, give it to someone else to do it for you. I have even enrolled family members to do the stuff that I can't stand so I can concentrate on doing something that really charges me up. It's a well known fact that doing something you find deep joy in doing not only fires you up in a very positive way but you're more likely to do an excellent job on it, and it's more likely to earn you some dosh.

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