4 Surprising Facts Businesses Still Don't Get About PR

Updated: Jun 2

A few years ago, when people heard the term 'Public Relations' it was often because a luxury brand was launching an expensive new product or a celerity was going through a sticky patch with an ex in a very high profile 'airing-dirty-laundry' sort of fashion. SMEs played it safe and stuck to simple marketing, didn't hire a public relations expert, kept their heads down and left the flashy cameras and pushy press to those who 'deserved it.'

In this week's post, I am going to share with you 4 surprising facts that businesses still don't get about Public Relations. Yep, they are missing a trick, and today, I am going to air a few home truths...

Fact: PR is (STILL) not just for the rich and famous.

Marketing and simple publication advertising were safe places for those who just wanted to shout about their insurance company policies or exiting new wallpaper. That was the beauty of marketing. You paid for it, and if the publication got it wrong, you could shout at them to get it right, and more often than not, they did.