How To Approach A Brand PR Manager To Join A PR List

Want to approach a brand to get on their PR list but not sure how to? Do you want to be recognised as an influencer by a brand but don't know how? In this post, I will share you with you my favourite template that has the highest chance of winning over any PR Manager. There are a million reasons why any blogger and wannabe influencer would want to be on a top brand’s PR list. I mean, what would be better than being first of all, recognised for your own brand efforts, a perfec

7 Brutal Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Hiring A PR Manager

So, how do you obtain brilliant PR? You start with the right person, and by that I mean BOTH manager and client. The pairing has to be perfect. Those who sit in their agencies thinking that all you need is a long list of press contacts and a gift of the gab are missing out on a big trick. The relationship between client and manager needs to be water tight. Yet, this plus a whole host of other issues usually fail to get any attention by businesses. So, in this post, I will wal