Holding a Gadget

Our Proudest B2B Tech moments

Where there has been B2B Tech, we have shone a light on our clients

In this fast changing world, the industry covering B2B Tech, IoT and AI has exploded with full effect. In this section, we proudly show off what we've done for our techie clients.


The Power of Thought Leadership

For EdTech Disruptor of the Year Finalists 2021, Learned.Live, with one carefully constructed though leadership piece on the importance of branding, we secured 19 other publications including the Wealth Tribune and Trading Herald. Thanks to Global Banking and Finance Review and Brands Journal

Powerful Computer

Show casing the boss on TechRound UK

Even in B2B, communication is fundamentally one human being talking to another. If you're focusing your sights on build bridges with your audience, you have to start with the mind behind it


Let your people shine

For Learned.Live we wanted to make the brand about the people. Tribe and community are at the very heart of the business so we decided to show case the brilliant team members and their extraordinary skills outside the workplace. 


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